Lexington Intellectual Property Lawyer

Intellectual property is an incredibly important asset for many professionals and for growing businesses. As a high-performing organization begins to develop and cultivate these assets, competitors may try to appropriate them and the value they represent in the market. Because of their value, it is often critical to diligently protect such assets.

Protection may seem simple, but depending on the case, it may be complicated — additionally, a mistake may have long-term (and often catastrophic) legal consequences.

If you or your organization is working through any intellectual property issue, it is important to retain experienced counsel to help you reach an ideal resolution that serves your immediate and long-term needs.

In addition to transaction-related issues, we at Bennett Law Group are prepared to litigate to help you protect:

  • Service marks
  • Branding
  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Registrations

Our lawyers and team will do everything possible to protect any images and symbols created to specifically represent your company, your name or business plan, or an invention or product you have created. This includes artistic, music or literary works, software, and the actual process of manufacturing and business commerce.

After careful review of your business plan and intellectual property, we will give you our experienced opinion regarding the best way to bring your goods and services to market while protecting your professional interests. From there, we will tailor an approach that serves your needs in the best possible way.

To schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your intellectual property or business law issues with an attorney at our firm, call 859-699-2476 or email Bennett Law Group.