Intellectual Property and Social Media Marketing

Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Pinterest, Instagram. Social Media - we're all a part of it now. Everybody's doing it. The social media revolution has changed how people interact, for better or worse. Awareness of how your online presence affects your actual life is crucial!

According to a recent survey(Performics and ROI research), this is how we are communicating now. Here are some of the telling results:

  • 50% spend less time emailing because they are on social networks
  • 49% would rather text than call a person
  • 48% use the phone less because they communicate more via social networking
  • 40% feel more comfortable interacting with others online than in person

Everyone has heard the horror stories, the consequences of social networking gone awry. A recent college graduate with a perfect GPA, stellar work ethic, and solid professional references is denied a job interview because a friend "tagged" a photo of her on Facebook, obviously drunk at the graduation party. This is an exaggeration, but according to Ryan Cohn, vice president of What's Next Marketing, "On two separate occasions, I have rejected entry level prospects for featuring firearms in their profile pictures. Both were qualified in terms of experience, and otherwise would have been worthy of an interview."

It's important to remember when creating any social media profile, that this essentially becomes a public record. In other words, don't do anything on Facebook that you wouldn't do standing in a room full of other people. You should be aware at all times that you are inviting others to observe the things you post online!

When you own a small business or are actively working to launch a new company, social media can be one of the quickest, most effective ways to get the word out about your new product or service. As the research indicates, more people are definitely using social media as a primary form of communication. In the past, transactional marketing methods were popular - the product was advertised, the consumer purchased it, end of story. The current trends indicate that "relationship marketing" works much better these days. When seeking new services, many people will first ask their friends for a referral, whether online or in person, and business gets generated by word of mouth. Online relationship marketing also involves communicating with consumers, respectfully listening and responding to their comments and concerns, and building a network of satisfied customers and fans.

One key thing to consider carefully when launching a new company is how to promote your products and services online via social media and encourage a natural conversation in your community without revealing trade secrets or too much proprietary information. In addition to helping you develop a solid strategy to protect your intellectual property and bring your services and products to the marketplace, Robin C. Bennett can help you ensure that the information you are revealing online will help you keep winning fans and building your client base with open, honest communication methods while legally protecting your business plan.

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