A Cautionary Tale

Place holderIncreasingly the intangible aspects of any business are becoming more and more valuable. Specifically, we are addressing the trademarks, copyrights, trade dress, logos, and slogans that help to market and identify the particular goods and services owned by any business. If these rights are not properly identified and protected at their conception, then there can be all kinds of problems down the road with everything from ownership to infringement. A prime example is laid out below where partners in a dissolved partnership are fighting over who owns the name and trademarks of the business which would enable it to continue as a going concern business, though the partnership is defunct. As we embrace the era of E-commerce and understand that often a business's intangible assets are more important and valuable than its tangible assets; it is fundamentally important to promote and protect these intangibles at formation to avoid problems down the road.

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