Lexington Appellate Law Attorney

If you received an outcome in your case that you believe was unjust, incorrect or unfair, it is important to realize that it may be possible to appeal the case.

It is important to realize that the appeals process is significantly different from a trial. Unlike in typical state and federal court, court dates don't exist — in their place are strict deadlines that one must adhere to throughout the appeals process, where the arguments are filed on paper.

While oral argumentation is a critical component of the trial process, knowledge of appellate procedure, research and writing skill are critical in the appeals process. Because of the time and process sensitivity, it is of immense importance to partner with a law firm that has a comprehensive knowledge of this area of practice.

At Bennett Law Group, we are prepared to help you address any aspect of the appeals process, from filing of Notice of Appeal and ordering of records, through to review of all appealable issues.
Robin Bennett has extensive experience spotting, researching and arguing appellate issues. Regardless of your issue, we will be upfront, clear and communicative, and help you address the process in the best possible way.

We also focus on post-conviction and post-judgment relief including motions for ineffective assistance of counsel in a criminal case; motions to amend, alter, or vacate in civil matters; and motions to set aside judgments based on mistake (CR 60.02).

Robin Bennett is admitted to practice before all Kentucky Courts as well as the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Eastern and Western Districts of Kentucky for federal matters.

To schedule a free initial consultation to discuss legal issues in Kentucky and civil appeals with a Lexington appellate law attorney, call 859-699-2476 or email Bennett Law Group.